Variable Speed Micro Centrifuges

Variable speed micro centrifuges are used to perform analytical procedures such as separation of nucleic acids, proteins and microfiltration in clinical and biotechnological laboratories. These devices are available in a variety of models with different features, dimensions and capabilities from leading manufacturers in the industry including Unico.

Quality Features ensure Efficient Operation

Quality variable speed micro centrifuges ensure quiet operation, consistency and accuracy. The significant features of the popular PowerSpin BX C883, 110V model centrifuge from a standard brand like Unico include:

• 115V/60 HZ
• Automatic rotor recognition
• 0-99 min digital timer system
• Maintenance free brushless DC motor
• 3 rotor options: 24 place Micro-Tube, 6-place blood tube rotor, 24 place Microhematocrit
• Chemical resistant exterior, enables easy cleaning
• Lid window for strobe tachometer RPM check
• Detachable power cord with fuse holder in plug housing
• Built-in LCD display, provides real time data to the user

This model of the centrifuge has a variable speed limit of up to 13,000 rpm. The rotor speed limit of the device can be increased or decreased within 1,000-13,000 RPM with the push of a button. The equipment also has advanced safety features such as Zero RPM lid lock and auto unbalance detection, rotor recognition and shut down capabilities. Besides, the Microhematocrit rotor cover of the centrifuge is equipped with a reader to help instant reading and do away with the need for additional specimen handling.

Locate Consistent Distributors to Ensure the Best Deals

Variable speed micro centrifuges are available in a variety of models from leading manufacturers. Well known suppliers would be able to offer the model your facility needs along with necessary accessories and consumables at a reasonable price.

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